Company Policies

Policy Statement


The management of Prudential Concerns & Services Limited (Herein Referred to as PCSL) is committed to conducting its operations in such a manner to prevent harm to its employees, the environment and all other people who may be connected directly or indirectly to PCSL’s operations.

To achieve this, PCSL will maintain the highest practical standards of safety, Occupational health and protection of the environment and it’s Host Community. It will continually adopt HSE-MS as an integral part of it primary business of providing oilfield services, well head’s equipment-supplies, Maintenance & allied services locally & internationally to the oil and gas industry.

To achieve our target this year it will be required of all managers, supervisors and employee’s direct involvement. We all need to commit ourselves to the achievement of our HSE-MS aspirations by diligently doing our work safely at all times, hence aspiring to meet ISO 14001:2004 – EMS and ISO 9001:2008 – QMS guidelines & expectations.

Considering the foregoing, the co-operation of all Personnel is highly solicited in the realization of this plan, and therefore I strongly advise that if there is any reason to consider a task unsafe, ‘STOP’ the work until effective corrective measures are put in place before continuing the operation.


It is the policy of PCSL to aim at an error-free work and client’s satisfaction. The company (PCSL) does not aim at perfection, but works consciously towards the advancement of efficient performance. Therefore, deliberate measures are put in place to ensure that each assignment/work is executed with improvement in planning, quality, attention, and results.


PRUDENTIAL recognizes the importance of the health and safety of persons and property in all the company’s operations as well as the preservation of the environment in which the company does business.
Human resources are our best asset and therefore, it is the policy of PRUDENTIAL to safeguard all persons, property and environment connected to our operations. The company complies with all the codes and statutory requirements and also adopts latest technologies to enhance the business of safety in our organization without violating relevant legislations.

In order to realize the above policy statement, PRUDENTIAL have put in place the followings:-

  • The company has a system approach to HSE management designed to ensure compliance with the law and to achieve continuous performance improvement.
  • Set targets for improvement and measures, appraises and reports performance.
  • Requires its sub contractors to manage HSE in line with this policy
  • Includes HSE performance in the appraisal of all staff and rewards accordingly.
  • Identify with the needs and aspirations of clients and the host communities in the execution of its operation.
  • Harmonious relationship with client and community.