Prudential Concerns Services Limited is one of the premier procurement service providers, helping organizations address all aspects of their procurement and sourcing operations to achieve savings and improved supplier relationships.

With years of experience in building strategic sourcing best practices and bleeding-edge procurement processes, we have helped dozens of organizations realize millions of hard-naira savings in their procured products and services. All these helped increase efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility in our supply-chain.

Many organizations are struggling to achieve their savings potential or implement strategic projects on time and to budget due to stretched resources or a shortage of skills in key areas such as procurement or project management.

Our procurement team brings unparalleled leadership and experience to developing proven supply chain solutions, ensuring that our clients receive what it promised, when it is promised, in a timely, well-executed manner.

Our procurement management examines expenditures-product-by-product and vendor-by-vendor-to gain a thorough understanding our client’s operations and purchasing culture.

Prudential Concerns effectively manages the procurement of global projects large and small, creating top-to-bottom consistency throughout the entire logistics, delivery and installation process.

Our areas of procurement includes the followings

Our exclusive strategic sourcing and procurement consulting services include:

Strategic Sourcing

We optimize sustainable advantages and savings through supply-chain and industry best practices. Through our industry-leading sourcing techniques, we help clients meet their current and future business needs.

Strategic Sourcing for Indirect Spend

We’re experienced in managing indirect spend resources and harnessing strategic sourcing to enhance profitability. We have the expertise and market intelligence to help you manage spends for raw materials and customer-facing services.

Low Cost Country Sourcing

We have the right resources and partnerships to help you save time and energy in strategic sourcing from low cost countries.


We are engineering manpower providers, providing manpower support services to leading engineering companies in and Projects in Hydrocarbon & Oil & Gas sector.

Key strengths

  • Extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry
  • Extensive experience in Human Resource Management

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