1Coil tubing light InterventionOML58 and OML 100,102TEPNG
2Wellhead MaintenanceOML 58TEPNG
3Annulus CampaignOML102TEPNG
4Corrective and Preventive Maintenance of Xmas Tree Gate ValvesOML 58TEPNG
5Coil Tubing OperationsOML 992010 - 2014TEPNG
6Barge campaignOML 99 IME2010 - 2014TEPNG
7Annulus CampaignOML 102, AMKP2010 - 2014TEPNG
8CAMPCO RepairsOML 582013 - 2014TEPNG
9AVA RepairsOML 582011 - 2014TEPNG
10SDV/ Rpairs OML 58Dec. 2009TEPNG
11Leakage Arrest/ RepairsOML 58Jan. 2010TEPNG
12Integrity check of SSV/SCSSVOML 58May 2009TEPNG
13SVD, CCU RpairsOML 58Jan. 2010TEPNG
14Swab Valves RepairsOML 58Jan. 2010TEPNG
15Ibewa Cluster high pressure Xmas tree Valve greasing campaignIBWJuly 2010TEPNG
16Xmas tree refurbishmentOML 5826/08/2010TEPNG
17Job preparation for WO Wells Xmas tree VerificationOML 5807/05/2010TEPNG
18Verification of Xmas TreeOML 5810/05/2010TEPNG
19Verification of Xmas Tree for work over operations.OML 5814-18/05/2010TEPNG
20Carbonate acidizing/ inventory for 4 - 1/16" Xmas treeOML 58, OML 99, OML 100, OML 10228-29/01/2010TEPNG
21Cabonate Acidizing.OML 5810-16/01/2010TEPNG
22Xmas tree change outOML 5826-28/02/2010TEPNG
23AMKP1-02 Xmas tree change outOML 102 01-03/03/2010TEPNG
24Annuli Monitoring OML 5818-28/03/2010TEPNG
25IBEWA 06, 07, 08, 10, 12, & 2BIBW31/03/2010TEPNG
26NRV Installation 07/12/2003SPDC
27NRV Installation 05/12/2003SPDC
28NRV Installation 18/11/2003SPDC
29AVA Installation 16/10/2003SPDC
30AVA Repairs07/10/2003SPDC
31First Line & Second Line Wellhead Maintenance ServicesOML 42 - Jones Creek,Odidi, Batan, Ubefan2018 - 2019NDPC / SEPTRANET NIG LTD
32Wellhead Maintenance ServicesOML 30 ? Eriema Field2018 - 2019Heritage / Ankor Point)
33Provision of Wellhead Maintenance and Supply of Wellhead AccessoriesEgbaoma Fields2017 - 2019Platform Petroleum / Newcross (Reinfield Petroleum Ltd)
34Provision of Wellhead Maintenance and Supply of Wellhead AccessoriesOML 58, 99, 102, 1002014 till DateTEPNG

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