Wire line is a cabling technology used to lower equipment or measuring devices into a well for the purposes of well interventions and reservoir evaluation. Our range of services includes;

  1. Bottom-hole pressure and temperature surveys
  2. Wire line plug and sleeve work
  3. Bottom-hole sampling
  4. Mechanical or electronic pressure recorder rentals
  5. E.U.B. compatible test reports

Our Slickline operations involve maintenance, such as the removal of wax, scale, sand and fill build-ups, terminating low and setting hydraulic packers using sealing plugs, gauge cutting, setting or removing plugs, deploying or removing wire-line, retrievable valves and memory logging of down-hole logs using Memory Production Logging Tools (MPLT) and down-hole vision (using run-in cameras).


  • Dual Induction Log
  • Dual Laterolog
  • Micro Laterolog
  • Litho Density Log
  • Dual Detector Neutron Porosity Log
  • Spectral Gamma-Ray Log
  • Gamma-Ray Log
  • Full Waveform Acoustic Log
  • Acoustic Borehole Imager
  • Four Arm Caliper Log
  • Four Arm Deepmeter Log
  • Acoustic Borehole Imager
  • Formation Tester and Sampling Tool


  • GR-CCL
  • Pressure, Temperature, Flow meter, Fluid Density
  • Quartz Gauge Pressure Measurement
  • Reservoir Saturation Measurements, Thermal Decay Services
  • Tubing Caliper Measurements
  • Memory PLT
  • Cement Bond Evaluation Log (CBL/VDL)
  • Multi finger Caliper/Corrosion Measurements
  • MULE Down hole Tractor
  • Casing Guns High Shot Density
  • Through Tubing Perforation
  • TCP
  • Tubing Punchers
  • Through Tubing Plugs and Packers
  • Tubing Cutters
  • Pipe Cutters/Split Shot
  • Casing Patch
  • Other services offered are Drilling Technology Services

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